Lil Devil

The devil is in the details. And you’re going to love what you see in Lil’ Devil, a hair-raising 6-reeler that’ll really get your blood flowing. Set your bet, hit Spin, and ride into the fiery sunset as you play your way to scorching rewards. With Angel Wilds, a Be My Angel feature, a Dynamite Lover feature, and Heartstopper Enhanced Free Spins, it’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.
Is Whitney the Angel or the Devil? Check out this devilish win!!
The lil' Devil scared away Tiffany's wins
Brittany Lynn is NOT amused by this Lil' Devil!
Oh yikes - $30 big win? Disappointing day for Brittany Lynn...
Brittany Lynn joins us for her first broadcast!
What did the Devil make Whitney do for that win???
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