Take a deep breath with Megan every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at noon ET. Find inner peace with words of wisdom and a soothing style of gameplay. Don’t play slots alone. Join “Mid-Day Affirmations” and be one with your game, Megan, and the universe.
A Legendary Win Nearly Brings Megan to Tears on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
You Won't Believe How This Episode of "Mid-Day Affirmations" Ends!
Megan Beckons the Spin Sorceress for Big Wins on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
Megan Becomes the Queen of Park Place on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
A Couple of Huge Wins Save the Day for Megan on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
A Massive Win at the End Saves the Day on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
Did The Universe Answer Megan's Calls for Big Wins on "Mid-Day Affirmations"?
Megan Nearly TRIPLES Her Money on "Mid-Day Affirmations!"
Megan Scores Some Planet-Sized Wins on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
Big Wins from, Literally, Start to Finish on "Mid-Day Affirmations"
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